What is ESTA Visa Waiver Program for Australian and New Zealand travelers?

What is ESTA Visa Waiver Program for Australian and New Zealand travelers?

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Any Australian or New Zealand citizen who is planning a trip to the US and is a resident of a country that falls under the Visa Waiver Program or (VWP) will need to apply for the ESTA Visa. It is an automatic system that is used to determine if a visitor is eligible to travel to the United States under that program. Often there is some confusion because the ESTA USA Visa program determines if the person is eligible to go to the United States but it does not determine if they are admissible to the US.


Only the Customs and Border Protection can decide if a person is admissible. The application for this program will get all the by graphic information and other questions related to eligibility under the VW program to help determine if the applicant does qualify for this type of USA Visa. When The Traveler is making plans to go to the US the law allows them to submit their application at any time. But if they want to be assured that it’s able to complete the process of approval to meet the time schedule of the traveler, then it is recommended they complete the application process as far in advance as possible.


As of April 2016, it is now required that anyone applying for this program must have a valid e-passport. This type of passport has enhanced security features that include an embedded electronic chip. It is easy to identify this special type of passport because it has a very special symbol on the front cover.


Question – What exactly is the Visa Waiver Program?

Answer – It is a program that is administered and delegated by the DHS and it helps those citizens who are eligible and that live in certain countries to travel to America for business or pleasure and it allows them to stay for as long as 90 days.

Question – What type of passport requirements are necessary when using VWP?

Answer – The most important requirement is that you possess an electronic passport which uses a digital chip that has information about the owner of the passport. These special passports allow all necessary information about the bearer to be read securely.

How Does ESTA Keep My Privacy?

The same type of provisions that are made for other sites getting similar information has been used when gathering this information. The site is operated by the government and it uses high-level technology to protect all information given on the site. The data will remain for the same amount of time that the application approval is for which is usually 2 years. The information will then be archived for another year and its access will be further limited.

Who Will Need To Apply For ESTA?

Every since 2009 anyone who falls under this program such as Australian citizen(s), as just one example, would need to apply for this before going to the US. As soon as the person knows that they want to go to the US they should apply. There are no stipulations on when they can apply for ESTA but it takes time and if they wait until the last minute the approval process may not be completed in time for their departure.

If an Australian or New Zealand applicant has applied through an online agency such as Estavisa.com.au but has not yet been approved, if they try to board they may be denied. For this reason, it is imperative for the traveler to start the process as early as possible to avoid this issue. Any traveler who requires VWP and ESTA Visa Application and is traveling by air or sea and will arrive in the US will require VWP approval from ESTA